Capacity building of MSMEs

(i)  Processing of a memo to Mr. Governor through the SSG.

(ii)  Receipt of approval from Mr. Governor

(iii)  Profiling of approval through oracle

(iv) Reaching out and selection of resource persons

(v)  Schedule of execution

(vi)   Execution and feedback  

 (vii)    Business clinic or Business Development service

(viii) Reference of MSMES that need capital to financial institutions or fund manager for empowerment

MSMEs  Development

 Secretariat duties on supervision of provision of capital for MSMEs

(i)  Scheduling of meetings with fund managers the purpose of which is to monitor their activities in respect of low interest rate, sufficient moratorium period, loans duration, apportioning of interests etc.

(ii) Monitoring and Evaluation including impact assessment.

(iii) Submission of quarterly report on the Fund.

(iv) Domiciliation of other secretariat duties.

MSMEs  Support System & Devt.       

(i)Develop a policy document for MSMEs support

(ii)   Forward such through Director to P.S. to H.C.

(iii)  Establishment of MSMEs support system

(iv)  Interaction between the Ministry and support system    

Skills acquisition/training         

        Review of proposals

(i)Receipt of proposals (Hard and Soft copy)

(ii) Review and evaluation of proposals

(iii) Forwarding of reviewed proposal for decision through the Director to the P.S. and then to the Hon. Commissioner.

(iv) Processing of a memo to the SSG or HOS if within their approval authority.

(v)  Processing of a memo to Mr. Governor through the SSG.

(vi)  Receipt of approval from Mr. Governor

(vii)  Profiling of approval through oracle

(viii) Engagement/Appointment of Consultant

(ix)  Schedule of execution

(x)   Execution and feedback  

SMEs data/planning

     Compilation of SMEs in Edo State

(i)Receipt of proposal from a consultant the purpose of which is to get the list of SMEs in the state

(ii)  Review and clarification of grey areas

(iii) Decision by Hon. Commissioner on participation in the project by the Ministry

(iv) Memo to the Governor on understanding list of SMES in Edo State

(v)  Assigning officers to the field to obtain raw data

(vii)  Data processing

(viii)  Launching of SMEs Directory

Updating list of SMEs regularly will be facilitated by a similar work process.

SME Monitoring & Evaluation

(i)Obtain information on beneficiaries to enable the ministry carry out independent M&E.

(ii)  Arranging the teams that will do M&E according to itinerary

(iii) Preparing of templates to be completed by beneficiaries

(iv) Processing of template or analysis to evaluate progress of beneficiaries

Micro Credit Recovery

(i)Write letters to financial institutions on the need to carry out joint recovery.

(ii) Financing of recovery visits to be done from interest accruing from the State Government.

(iii) Arranging of teams from micro credit recovery visitation based on prepared itinerary

(iv) Preparation of warning notice for the defaulting MSMEs to be delivered to them during recovery visits.

(v) Execution of recovery visits.         

Labour Relations and Allied matters

(i)Receipt of employee/employer complaints

(ii) Review of such complaints relating the relevant labour laws

(iii) Liaising with relevant labour bodies to intervene where necessary to effect settlement.