• Registration of Cooperative Societies across the three Senatorial Districts
  • Conduct of Cooperative Data Analysis System (CODAS)
  • Arbitrate between feuding Co-operators and also, between Register Cooperative Societies
  • Submission of Application Letter addressed to the Hon. Commissioner and for the attention of Officer.
  • Collection of Registration checklist and questionnaire.
  • Completion of questionnaire with attached relevant document.
  • Submission of draft bye-law of the proposed Society for review.
  • Submission of completed questionnaire with documents
  • Verification of claims by intending Society.
  • Processing of verified information to the Director of Cooperatives for approval
  • Payment of Prescribed Registration fee to any of the listed Edo State IGR account.
  • Presentation of procured materials such as Analysis book, Double Cash book etc.
  • Printing of certificate
  • Inauguration / Issuance of certificate / Training of Cooperators.
  • Capturing of functional Cooperative Societies Data
  • Encoding the functional Cooperative Societies into the platform through the Desk Officer to the Director, while the Director report through the Permanent Secretary to the Honorable Commissioner of the Ministry


  • Receipt letter of Complaint on behalf of the Director of Cooperatives
  • Submission of payment of Prescribed Arbitration to the Edo State IGR account
  • Investigating the matters contained in the complaints.
  • Invitation of aggrieved Cooperative Members for a meeting.
  • Submission of report of findings to the Director of Cooperatives


  • Training and Re-training of all trustees of Registered Cooperatives.
  • Inspection of Books and Records of Registered Cooperatives
  • Documentation, Maintenance and Retrieval of Files of Registered Cooperatives
  • Drawing of the Yearly Work Plan for the Cooperative Department.


  • To have access to all financial transactions of the society, to ascertain transparency.
  • To ensure that the society financial activities is being subjected to auditing if observed that the society account is yet to be audited.
  • In the event of irregularities discovered during such inspections shall take people into custody the cash balance of the society and report same to the Director of Cooperatives.


  • Receiving of brief of work target and initiatives
  • Development of draft plan
  • Vetting of draft work plan
  • Validation of draft plan.
  • Processing of draft plan for approval.


  • Facilitate relationship between the Ministry and the External Auditor who are saddled with the function of auditing registered Cooperative Societies.
  • Inspect Audit and Financial report  submitted to the Ministry
  • Advise the Director of Cooperatives on the financial health of Registered Cooperatives
  • Profile Registered Accounting firms for Audit of Cooperatives .


Cooperative Relation Officer interfaces between the Ministry, the Public, Institution and Registered Cooperative bodies in the State.